Dive Pro Stay-cation

We had our first official staycation at Tobri Divers Resort. We've decided to give some of the scuba instructors on the island the opportunity to dive the South side of the island and experience what it's like to be an overnight guest here. Goes without saying it was a HUGE success. What else can you expect when you put 10 proffesionals underwater together to explore. We found amazing things, some known and some yet to be identified. One things is for sure that this needs to happen at least once a month. One of the instuctors said something that I have to share and this is something that anyone living on an island can relate to. He said: that people always ask him where he will go on holiday if he already lives on a tropical island. And he turned and looked at me and said: Well I'm on holiday right now." Try something new, break that routine and explore! If you have a love for scuba diving and whether you are living on Roatan or not come check out Tobri Divers for a unique diving experience and relaxing surroundings.