July 2017 Finds

July was full of all sorts of amazing finds here at Tobri Divers! We have been really fortunate with our Macro finds. The South side of Roatan is definitely more popular for nudibranchs and flatworms than the North side. We've also been very lucky with the amount of nurse shark sightings we've had. They seem to be around way more this time of year. One of the seaslugs that keeps popping up on our radar these days is the very beautiful Painted Elysia (Thuridilla Picta)  Elysia is a genus of sea slugs,  marinegastropod molluscs in the family  Plakobranchidae. These animals are colorful sea slugs, and they can superficially resemble nudibranchs, but are not very closely related to them. Instead they are sacoglossans, commonly known as sap-sucking slugs. Come visit us for a chance to see one of these amazing creatures.

Painted Elysia