► Do you take cruise ship guests?

Answer: Yes of course we take cruise ship guests diving. It depends a little on the number of resorts guests we have and on how many cruise ship guests want to come join us. We are a small boutique resort and we would like to keep the number of divers small as well. We can come and pick you up from the cruise ship dock and take you back there after the dive(s). Whether you come with Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, AIDA, TUI Cruises, Mein Schiff , Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Holland America Line, Thomson Cruises everybody is welcome.

How much does it cost ? $45 per dive or $80 for 2 dives and that includes equipment rental. Of course we also offer "Try Scuba" for people who are not certified and would like to experience the sensation of scuba diving in the wonderful underwater world of Roatan!
Transfers from and to the Cruise ship terminal are $10 per person.

► How can I pay?

We prefer that you pay cash in US Dollars, but you can also pay in Honduran Lempiras or with Paypal. Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card & JCB Cards) are also accepted.

► Do you have a restaurant?

Yes we do! To resort guest we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch everybody is welcome. We serve salads, quesadillas, burgers, lion fish fingers, chicken fingers and a lot more. All lunch items are $10,-

► How do I fly to Roatan?

If you are flying from the USA it is easy. There are direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Dallas to Roatan International Airport.
The flight from Miami is operated by American Airlines (AA1517) and leaves on Saturdays at 11:10am. Flight time is around 2:15
The flight from Atlanta is operated by Delta Airlines (DL694) and also leaves on Saturdays at 11:00am. Flight time is around 3:20.
The flight from Houston is operated by United Airlines (UA1434) and leaves on multiple days depending on the season mostly around 10:20am. Flight time is 2:45.
The flight from Dallas is operated by American Airlines (AA1069) and leaves on Saturday at 10:35am. Flight time is 3:15.

Flying from Germany: There are no direct flights but you can of course fly to any of the above cities and fly from there. This usually means you will have to spend the night in the USA.

If you do not want to fly through the USA there are a few other options: You can fly with Air Europa from Madrid (UX15) to San Pedro Sula. From there it is a short domestic flight to Roatan. The flight leaves on Thursdays and the flight time is 11:05.

Then you can also fly through Canada: There are direct flights from Montreal and Toronto to Roatan. The flight from Toronto is operated by Sunwing (WG784) and leaves on Mondays at 7am. Flight time is 4:45.
The flight from Montreal is also operated by Sunwing (WG788) and leaves on Mondays at 8:45am. Flight time is 5:45.

Air Transat also flies from Montreal ans Toronto directly to Roatan!

One other posibility is to fly through the Cayman Islands. From Grand Cayman the flight is operated by Cayman Airways and leaves every Thursday and Saturday at 6:50pm. To get to Grand Cayman you can use British Airways (BA253) who fly from Heathrow to Grand Cayman on many different days and times.

► Do you have DIN adaptors?

Yes we have 7 DIN adaptors at the resort but we also have a quite a few DIN tanks at Tobri, so you do not necessarily need to bring your own adaptor.

► When is rainy season on Roatan?

Rainy season starts in November and ends in January. That doesn't mean that we can't go diving! On the south side where Tobri is located we actually have less wind during those months and therefore the diving is more tranquil. Rainy season in the caribbean doesn't mean that it rains the whole day every day like it does in some monsoon areas in Asia. Usually there are enough sunny days to work on your tan.

► What type of equipment do you have?

We have Mares Rover Pro BCD's with integrated weights and Mares Regulators. We strive not to have any equipment older than 3 years in our shop.

► Is there a beach at Tobri Divers?

There is no beach on the property but our neighbours at Las Palmas have a beach which is only a couple of minutes walk away.

► Do I need a visa for Honduras?

Depending on where you are from you might get a 90 days visa on arrival at the Airport. EU citizens and North Americans are eligable for the visa on arrival. If you are not sure check on this wikipedia page. If you are flying over the USA and you need to check what type of visa you need. European union citizens can easily get their ESTA online.

► Do you give Airline Staff Discount?

Yes, we provide a 20% discount for airline staff. You must be able to show a valid Airline ID card upon check in.

► Do you offer a divemaster program?

Yes, we offer a complete divemaster program! You will learn to guide dives, setup equipment, fill tanks and much much more. On top of that you can learn something about resort management. You can live on premises so you do not need to travel long! Contact us for details and pricing.