Roatan Divers


Sister Dive Center

We are happy to introduce you to our sister dive shop Roatan Divers. They are located in Half Moon Bay in West-End and they have the best dive boats on the island!

Our alliance with Roatan Divers means we can offer you a unique service: On days when the weather is making diving on our beautiful south side difficult, we can take out boat over to West-End and take you diving on the calm waters of the west or north side of Roatan.
We will drive you over so you do not have to worry about getting sea sick ;)

Between dives you can use all the same facilities at Roatan Divers as you are used to at Tobri Divers: complementary coffee, tea, water or hot chocolate and even a nice hot shower.

We also organise joined charter trips to e.g. the Sea mounts or Cayos Cochinos for a unique dive experience.